Bunston's parents

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Bunston's parents
Bunston's parents.png
Japanese Name Father: ランパのパパ,
Rampa's Papa
Species Bunneran
Family Bunston (son)
Affiliates Bunston
Homeland Planet Bunnera
Location/Residence Unknown
First Appearance The Legendary Starfy
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

Bunston's parents were the parents of prince Bunston. They are only mentioned briefly in The Legendary Starfy. In the story cartoon Mashtooth's Master Plan, it is revealed that Bunston's father is the king of the Bunnerans. Bunston was born with a "powerful gift". Bunston's father foresaw a day where Bunston would use his power to protect the Bunnerans. Many years past and the space pirate Mashtooth tried to steal the Bunneran's powers for himself to take over and become the strongest force in the galaxy. It is revealed in the story cartoon The Missing Chapter that they are now deceased.

A statue of the Bunneran king holding a rocket can be seen at the entrance to Bunnera Castle in Stage 8-3 ('Asteroid Attack').

The entrance to Bunnera Castle, with the statue of the Bunneran king