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The Spill Points bar (bottom), with Monamu Heal selected (left)

Spill (Japanese: スピル) refers to a magical power in Densetsu no Starfy 4, which is required for special moves. In order to perform a Spill ability, the player must have a full Spill Points (SP) gauge. This gauge fills up whenever Starfy or Starly defeat enemies or collect pink pearls. When there is a part of the level where Starfy or Starly is expected to use the Pufftop Barrier or the Powerful Spin, there is usually a Mini Keeper nearby that holds pink pearls inside it.

Spill abilities are taught to Starfy and Starly by four characters who are known as "sages" (Japanese: けんじゃ), including Amiiyoshino, Coral, Buryutatsu and Mattel. The player can switch abilities using the L and R buttons.


Listed in the order they are taught:


  • In Densetsu no Starfy 4, the text "Spill" (Japanese: スピル) appears directly after 'Special' (Japanese: スペシャル) in a series of names for types of Stuff but appears to be unused here. This may imply that wearable goods based on Spill abilities were once planned for the game, but only clothes, extras (accessories) and specials are wearable in the final game.