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Starfy and Starly push a boulder together

Team Play (Cooperative Play, 協力プレイ in Japan) is a feature in The Legendary Starfy that requires two Nintendo DS systems. In Team Play mode, Starfy teams up with Starly to play together over Local Wireless. Starly can assist Starfy with her special moves, including the Wall Jump, Crawl and Low Spin. Starfy and Starly share the same health bar.

In the areas where Team Play is available, both Starfy and Starly appear on the map. In these areas, Starfy must talk to Moe and ask to call in Starly. The second player must then choose the 'Local Wireless' option on the Title Screen. Alternatively, a second player who does not have The Legendary Starfy can take part in Team Play mode over DS Download Play.

Team Play mode can either be used to clear one room or battle the stage boss (depending on the area). After clearing one room, defeating the stage boss or losing all hearts, Team Play mode will end.

List of areas where Team Play is available

The following is a list of areas where two players can take part in Team Play mode.

Gluglug Lagoon

  • Stage 1-4 (Big Squiddy Brawl)

Hotcha Springs

  • Stage 2-1 (Between a Rock...)
  • Stage 2-4 (Hot-Spring Snapper Battle)

Chillydip Cove

  • Stage 3-1 (Snow Starfy)
  • Stage 3-4 (King Ping)
  • Stage 3-5 (Area Secret 1)

Sogwood Forest

  • Stage 4-1 (In a Fog)
  • Stage 4-4 (The Terrible Trio)
  • Stage 4-5 (Area Secret 1)

Glitzem Grotto

  • Stage 5-1 (Take a Dive)
  • Stage 5-3 (Get Ready to Ronk)
  • Stage 5-5 (Area Secret 1)

Skydye Heights

  • Stage 6-1 (On Top of the Clouds)
  • Stage 6-4 (Snips and Tricks)
  • Stage 6-5 (Area Secret 1)

S.S. Logwater

  • Stage 7-1 (The Ghostly Wreck)
  • Stage 7-4 (The Trio Returns)
  • Stage 7-5 (Area Secret 1)

Planet Bunnera

  • Stage 8-1 (Starfy in the Sky)
  • Stage 8-5 (Area Secret 1)


North American and Australasian versions of The Legendary Starfy will link. However, Japanese versions of The Legendary Starfy will not link with English versions.


  • Helpful Stuff was originally intended to be a feature of cooperative play.