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Japanese Name ヤドビッグ, Yadobiggu
Located Gluglug Lagoon, Sogwood Forest, Skydye Heights
First Appearance The Legendary Starfy
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

Goblup (Yadobig in Japan) is a large living bubble creature who only appears in The Legendary Starfy. In Stage 1-2, it ate Herman's many of Herman's Coddies but luckily Goblup is defeated by Starfy and all the Coddies are returned safely. He has a cloudy counterpart named Fluffy Unu, and is hinted by Moe to be the same character as Fluffy Unu.

On three occasions, specifically in Stage 1-4 (Gluglug Lagoon), Stage 4-4 (Sogwood Forest) and Stage 6-4 (Skydye Heights) a Goblup swallows a Key that opens the star door leading to a Side Quest.

Toy description

"I think Goblups actually LIKE when Starfy hits 'em with his Star Spin! Goblup stores Coddies in his tummy. Wonder what else he's got in there?" (#007)