Jaw Box

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Jaw Box
TLS Jaw Box Toy.png
Japanese Name スタくいばこ, Sutakui Bako
Located S.S. Logwater
First Appearance The Legendary Starfy
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

A Jaw Box (Sutakui Bako in Japan) is an enemy found in S.S. Logwater in The Legendary Starfy. They are similar to other green treasure chests that hold pearls at first, but when Starfy opens a Jaw Box, it starts running after him. They are exactly like mimics, which appear in various other video games. They can easily be defeated with a Star Spin. They also appear in "Find Fork" Side Quest. When a Jaw Box is opened, it makes an "incorrect" sound.

Toy description

"It's a treasure chest, right? Spin it and get a sharp-toothed surprise! How badly do you want that treasure? Bad enough to lose one of your 5 arms?" (#068)


Name origin

  • Jaw Box is based on jaw and treasure box. Its Japanese name, "Sutakui Bako", may be derived from 'star' (スター), 'kui' (食い, meaning to eat) and 'bako' (箱, meaning box). This is most likely in reference to what may happen if Starfy Star Spins into the wrong treasure chest...
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