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The Starly search question in the North American The Legendary Starfy manual

Moe's Corner (Japanese: キョロスケのおまけコーナー, Kyorosuke's Extra Corner) are messages from Moe in the The Legendary Starfy manual. The messages generally give the player tips on various aspects of playing the game, but one of them explains that screenshots of the upper screen in the manual have an orange border, and that screenshots of the Touch Screen have a green one.

Additionally, Moe challenges the player to count how many times Starly appears in the manual. This challenge is known as the Starly search question. The answer is a total of fifteen times.

The table below lists all the Moe's Corner messages and their page numbers, with the Japanese manual page numbers listed first and the North American/Australian manual page numbers listed second.

Page number (JP/NA, AUS) Subject Message
3/4 Touch Screen screenshots in the manual. "HEY! Listen up, kid. I've got a pearl of wisdom for ya. In this manual here, the upper screen is orange, and the lower screen (that'd be the Touch Screen) is green. Just like in the picture to the right. Fancy, eh?"
5/6 Starly search question. "Want a challenge? Try counting the number of times Starly's picture shows up in this manual! And don't forget to count when she's on the screens too. I'll give ya the answer over on page 32, but don't even think about cheatin'!"
6/7 Soft-resetting the game. "What'samatta? Need to reset the game? All right, all right, just press (L)+(R)+SELECT+START all at the same time to reset the game. That'll take ya back to the title screen, but your game won't be saved. So be careful, kid!"
7/8 Entering Sleep Mode to save batteries. "Wanna take a breather? No biggie. Just close your Nintendo DS anytime to put the game into Sleep Mode to save batteries. Crack it open again to get back into action!"
9/10 The Abilities screen. "You'll pick up some new abilities here and there on your adventure. Head over to the Abilities screen to see how to use 'em (→P.22)."
10/11 Entering a door to return to Starfy's normal form and the Abilities screen. "Go through a door, and're back to your original form! Oh, and you can check each form's abilities from the pause screen over in Abilities (→P.22)."
12/13 Nintendo DS's Auto Mode. "If you wanna get fancy, you can set your Nintendo DS to Auto Mode and the game will start right up without you havin' to tap the panel. To learn about changin' your DS settings, check out your Nintendo DS Operations Manual!"
13/14 Local Wireless option (Team Play). "Don't forget about the Local Wireless option on the title screen. If you wanna play with a friend, this is your mode! To read up on how to team up with someone else, flip over to pages 29-30."
14/15 Deleting and copying files, and the dangers. "Use your noggin! Once you delete a file, there's no gettin' it back. Oh, you can also copy a file, but that'll delete all the data in the second file, so watch out for that too! Sheesh, deletin' data is serious business...
16/17 Saving from a map and entering Moe's Case, hidden areas. "Don't forget to save often! Press (L) on any map to save your progress. You can also press (R) to open up Moe's Case (→P.24). Oh yeah, I also heard about some hidden areas you might find too!"
18/19 Avoiding enemies to save health. "Don't run into bad guys, or you'll lose health! Sheesh, it's common sense!
21/22 Configure Buttons screen. "If you wanna change up the controls, just press (L) when you're on the pause screen to change the button configuration. Use (+) to pick the setup you want, then press (A)."
26/27 Local Wireless "When it comes to playin' with your friends, Local Wireless is the place to be. Head over to pages 31-32 to get the details."
28/29 Team Play mode and beating a boss with a friend. "Look, Starfy's a legendary hero and all that, but sometimes he can use a hand clobbering a boss. Team up with a friend over Local Wireless! Wanna know more? Go look at pages 31-32 and quit askin' me. Sheesh."
29/30 Starly's moves. "Starfy and his kid sis, Starly, may look alike and have the same number of arms, but Starly's got some moves of her own. Head over to page 12 to see 'em. With the two of you joining forces, you can clobber any bad guy out there!"
31/32 Starly search question: answer. "All right, this is the last Moe's Corner, so let e give you the answer to the Starly search question. All in all, her picture appears... (15) times! Did ya find 'em all?"