Test Stage (Densetsu no Starfy 4)

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Stage 1 (test) Area 1, map 1

The Test Stage or "Stage 1" (based on the name from the Touch Screen map) is a partially unused Stage in Densetsu no Starfy 4. This Stage includes multiple test Areas, and also seems to host the maps shown for Spring of Love.

Most of the maps in Stage (blank) have broken backgrounds and layout errors, if force loaded. There is also a map in this Stage with Kelkie. The Spring of Love maps are located in Stage 1 (test)-3, with a curious map (map 9) with glitched graphics following on from the exit to Degil's Castle.



This Stage can be accessed with (internal) cheat codes 027C3B58:XX (map modifier), 027C3B59:XX (area modifier), 027C3B5A:XX (stage modifier); with 027C3B5A being set to 00, and the map modifier/area modifier being set to a (typically low) value such as 01 (map 1), 02 (map 2) and so on. To use them, they must be enabled while already in an area and the player must enter a door. These codes were generated for an emulator and may not work on a real Action Replay cheating device.

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