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The front cover of the first volume

Densetsu no Starfy (Japanese: 伝説のスタフィー) is a manga series based on the original Game Boy Advance games Densetsu no Starfy, Densetsu no Starfy 2 and Densetsu no Starfy 3, illustrated by manga artist Yumiko Sudō. It was succeeded by Densetsu no Starfy R, which is a manga series based on Densetsu no Starfy 4.

This series was frequently submitted to issues of CoroCoro Comic from June 2002 (before the official release of the game Densetsu no Starfy in September 2002) until October 2005, and it was illustrated by manga artist Yumiko Sudō. Prior to June 2002, another series of Densetsu no Starfy series manga ran earlier the same year, illustrated by Sayori Abe, but is not to be confused with this one.

The first two volumes of this manga series were available for purchase in the form of a booklet (tankōbon) from 28th October 2003 and 28th September 2005 respectively. (ISBN:4091431410 and 4091431429) The booklets were both 192 pages long, and were sold for ¥410. [1] [2] The manga was published by Shogakukan and was copyrighted to Nintendo and TOSE*. A manga known as Densetsu no Starfy R based on Densetsu no Starfy 4 succeeded the original series.

After the end of chapter 8 in volume 1, there is a series of four-cell manga called the Starfy Four Cell Theater. There are a total of fourteen cartoons in it. There is no similar series of four-cell manga included in volume 2.


Volume Number Japanese name Romanization Image
Volume 1 Chapter 1 人間界へ行くフィー! Ningen Kai he Iku Fī! DSM 01.jpg
Volume 1 Chapter 2 ボクは王子だフィー! Boku wa Ouji da Fī! DSM 02.jpg
Volume 1 Chapter 3 水はこわくないフィー! Mizu wa Kowakunai Fī! DSM 03.jpg
Volume 1 Chapter 4 ロブじいなんてきらいだフィー! Robu Jiinante Kiraida Fī! DSM 04.jpg
Volume 1 Chapter 5 お宝を探すフィー! Otakara o Sagasu Fī! DSM 05.jpg
Volume 1 Chapter 6 絶対また 会えるフィー! Zettai Mata Aeru Fī! DSM 06.jpg
Volume 1 Chapter 7 お金もうけを するフィー! Okane Mouke o Suru Fī! DSM 07.jpg
Volume 1 Chapter 8 ニセスタフィー 出現だフィー! Nise Sutafī Shutsugenda Fī! DSM 08.jpg
Volume 2 Chapter 1 オーグラと対決だフィー! Ōgura to Taiketsuda Fī! DSM 09.jpg
Volume 2 Chapter 2 新しい冒険に 出るフィー! Atarashii Bouken ni Deru Fī! DSM 10.jpg
Volume 2 Chapter 3 なつかしの 再会だフィー! Natsukashi no Saikaida Fī! DSM 11.jpg
Volume 2 Chapter 4 勇気合戦だフィー! Yuuki Gassenda Fī! DSM 12.jpg
Volume 2 Chapter 5 ママを とりもどすフィー! Mama o Torimodosu Fī! DSM 13.jpg
Volume 2 Chapter 6 ぼくも映画に出たいフィー! Boku mo Eiga ni Detai Fī! DSM 14.jpg
Volume 2 Chapter 7 つぼがこわれて 大あわてだフィー! Tsubo ga Kowarete Ooawateda Fī! DSM 15.jpg
Volume 2 Chapter 8 ワリオと最強タッグだフィー! Wario to Saikyou Tagguda Fī! DSM 16.jpg
Volume 2 Chapter 9 やさしい木に会ったフィー! Yasashii Ki ni Atta Fī! DSM 17.jpg
Volume 2 Chapter 10 地雷は危険だフィー! Jirai wa Kikenda Fī! DSM 18.jpg
Volume 2 Chapter 11 封印のつぼで 大さわぎだフィー! Fuuin no Tsubo de Oo Sawagida Fī! DSM 19.jpg


Densetsu no Starfy features various characters originating from the Game Boy Advance games as well as two original characters, Takeo and Rumi-chan.

Residents of Pufftop

  • Starfy - The main character of the series, and the prince of Pufftop. Although Starfy is often a crybaby, he is also courageous when tasked with doing something. His main attack is the Star Spin, but Wario also teaches him the Shooting Star ability. His favorite phrase is "fii" (Japanese: フィー) and he has a hobby of collecting sunglasses.
  • Papa Star - The king of Pufftop, and Starfy's father.
  • Mama Star - The king of Pufftop, and Starfy's mother. She is very friendly to Starfy but turns aggressive in Volume 2; attacking with her fists.
  • Pufftop Guard - The soldiers of Pufftop. Every day they undergo special training.

Close to Starfy

  • Old Man Lobber - As like a mentor to Starfy, he has cared for Starfy in the past. In Volume 2, he experiences memory loss.
  • Moe - Starfy met Moe in the belly of a whale, unlike in the games. Although Moe at first has a bad relationship with Starfy, they become close friends in Volume 2. Moe has a crush on Ruby, and Starfy once played a joke on Moe for it. Moe has an associate called Chorosuke, Chorosuke and his relatives can be identified by the presence of a swirl on their heads.
  • Rumi-chan - An original human character. Takeo has a crush on her.
  • Takeo - An original character from the human world, who meets Starfy and Old Man Lobber for the first time. Starfy destroys his Game Boy Advance. He has a crush on Rumi-chan.

Other characters

  • Kuriore - One of The Jellato Sisters; sea angels who live Sea of Ice. Kuri (クリ) is her favorite phrase. Starfy had to defeat Boerun and bring Kuriore back to her home in volume 1, chapter 5.
  • Lovely - A white and pink fish with big lips, who is a friend of Kuriore. Moe finds her disgusting.
  • Doppel - A clone of Starfy created by Ogura in order to ruin Starfy's reputation. Ogura was working on creating a doppelganger of Chorosuke but was captured by several Taruika before the creation had finished.
  • Wario - Appears searching for treasure in Volume 2. Both Wario and Moe get together in their greed. His favorite attack is the Wario Attack. He once tried to beat up the Taruika.
  • Gekojii - A frog who lives in a cave somewhere. His grandson was kidnapped by a Komorin and taken into a cave on top of a waterfall. He had tried to climb the waterfall himself after drinking a Power Up Drink (Japanese: パワー アップ ドリンク). Starfy drinks one of them himself, before successfully using his Star Spin to climb the waterfall with the help of another Power Up Drink.
  • Gekojii's grandson - Gekojii's grandson. He is a young, friendly toad.
  • Hirara - Described as a cute and beautiful fish, who is found in a haunted house unlike the games. She can however, change her appearance to appear scary.
  • Sir Hokwi - The head of the Hokwi Group.
  • Hokwi Group - The minions of Sir. Hokwi. In Volume 2, they were assigned with a mission to remove explosives in a house where Starfy and Moe are present. One member of the Hokwi Group was assigned the task of being a "mine detector".
  • Ootaruika - A large squid who wears a barrel and lives near a dangerous swamp.
  • Yugudorajii - An elderly, friendly tree who was in pain after one of his branches was broken. He knows about Ogura. He rewarded Starfy with fruit after Starfy put a bandage around his broken branch.
  • Buirun - A sea monster. It appeared as a foe in the haunted house, unlike Coral Coast in Densetsu no Starfy 3.
  • Sangoro - Appeared as an enemy in the haunted house.
  • Gabuppa - Appeared as an enemy in the haunted house.
  • Treasure Monster - A treasure chest which appeared in the haunted house. Moe had tried to open it, only for it to bite him.
  • Kyorozou - Moe's father, seen in chapter seven of volume one, Making Money Fii! in a flashback. He is shown to have a bad temper and Moe believes he is responsible for making his mother ill.
  • Moe's mother - Moe's unnamed mother, also seen in chapter seven of volume one. She is ill and wants Moe to get her some medicine, but Moe cannot afford any.
  • Moe's siblings - Moe's younger siblings consisting of Moe's younger brother, (the green one) Moe's younger sister (the pink one) and Moe's other younger brother (the red one). They are seen at Moe's House in chapter seven of volume one, appear on the cover sheet for chapter six of volume two; I Want to Appear in the Movies Too Fii! and appear in a thought bubble from Starfy in the final chapter of volume two; The Sealed Jar and the Great Disturbance Fii!.

Main enemies

  • Ogura - A demonic eel who attempts to invade Pufftop. He is the main antagonist.
  • Konk - A recurring enemy from the The Legendary Starfy series. He can use his shell as if it was a drill.
  • Bankirosu - An enemy that ended up in the stomach of The Whale, causing it stomach aches. It enjoys coconut. The Whale swallowed Starfy and Old Man Lobber while Old Man Lobber was holding the coconut.
  • Boerun - An enemy that appears in Sea of Ice, the Jellato Sisters had attempted to locate it.


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