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Fan translations of video games are unofficial translations of video games which change the dialog/texts in the game from one language to another. This can include both the editing of the game script as well as images to translate or adjust the text within them.

Fan translation may also include fan translated manga; sometimes referred to as "scanlation" by fans. As of present it is unclear whether this has been attempted with Starfy, but brief summaries of the plot have been attempted in articles such as DSR01.

Fan translation work often also involve more technical edits to the game, such as the addition of a new character set or font, or edits to the way text is displayed like (in the case of the first Densetsu no Starfy game) how many times the player has to scroll the text in a single conversation.

While the fifth game in the The Legendary Starfy series is the only one to have been officially translated and released by Nintendo (however there has been at least one unreleased prototype by Nintendo/TOSE and unreleased iQue prototypes for the first three games in China), some fan translation work on other The Legendary Starfy games has been done. The first game, Densetsu no Starfy is the only known game to have been fully translated by fans.

The legality of the fan translation of video games is a matter that may vary depending on the country a person lives, as well as the developing/publishing companies' own terms of use (these can be found for instance while not directly on The Legendary Starfy; on Nintendo 3DS terms of use). While Nintendo own the copyright to the The Legendary Starfy "Game Scenario" (which refers to the game's script) and the ROM images of the games, many fan translation projects choose to release a file such as an IPS patch of the game which requires already having a copy of the ROM to be patched. On the other hand, the only way to use the IPS patch is to have an illegal copy of a ROM. Another form of fan-translation may be transcribing the original text and only writing it down in English.

According to Nintendo's jurisdiction, both video game copiers and the downloading of ROMs from the Internet is illegal, as is choosing to dump one to play on a computer.[1]

Fan translation of Densetsu no Starfy

Pre-ROM hacking

The Legendary Starfy series has had a small community of fans long before ROM hack-based fan translations. For example, fans of the The Legendary Starfy series Star_Light (Talk) and Torchickens (Talk) were involved in covering the Japanese games in English for Starfy Wiki, (Starfy Wiki was originally founded on Wikia (now Fandom) on May 30, 2009, by user BattleFranky202). There have also been small YouTube communities such as WeWantStafy2; wanting the games to be released overseas/known internationally and fan efforts for trying to translate/interpret the Japanese in the series in general such as Autumchild's series of YouTube videos.

More recently, SomeUselessTranslations (User:AUselessMage on Starfy Wiki) has continously offered translations (non-ROM hacking) for The Legendary Starfy series (not restricted to just the first game) alongside the Starfy Translation Team.

ROM hacking

"The Legendary Starfy Origins" version of the fan completed Starfy Translation Team project (similar to how Nintendo's official translation of MOTHER 1 as "EarthBound Beginnings" was handled.)

The ROM hacks by Starfy Translation Team were officially completed, and uploaded to on September 23, 2023. Currently they are the only completed ROM hacks by fans, and the only Starfy fan translation hacks on

Fan translation work on Densetsu no Starfy had began in 2012 or earlier, with Normmatt's work on a variable width font (VWF) and text insertion tool based on a program called Atlas. Blackmage907 had also attempted to work with the game, but stopped working on it at a later date.

While a few videos have been uploaded on the Internet with live translation attempts of the game, actual translation of the script on a ROM had not been attempted until 2013 with Torchickens translating part of the intro and Normmatt applying it to see how it would look.[2]

Torchickens later uploaded a video of an English version of the game's opening on YouTube in November 2015.

Formation of Starfy Translation Team Discord

Screenshot of Starfy Translation Team (STT) as of September 25, 2023

At a later date on June 20, 2017 pablitox (hacking, game code) and Jamie (game text) would continue working on fan translating the game. These two people and Torchickens (also known as EvieMelody on Discord and other areas of the Internet) would communicate with each other on Discord, and at a later date Torchickens founded the Discord channel Starfy Translation Team.

Torchickens resumed work on the game again one week later on June 27, 2017 with updates on her "Torchickens" Youtube channel and Google Sites page (now defunct due to Google closing the old version Google Sites), also translating a small amount of text such as Picture Book names and initial stages. Torchickens decided to step down (though still as a manager/owner of the Starfy Translation Team group - credited as "production"/"main lead" on the release), while other members within the group continued, including a new team; including Megahog2015 (graphics), Higsby (the rest of the translation and refinement), wowjinxy (text graphics and English font).

At some point a beta based on the Google Sites version with the text translated but graphics unfinished with glitches (text overlap issues, texts from the wrong location and text box corruption) was also mistakenly uploaded to and later removed because it was not the finished version.

On September 23, 2023, the fan translation was finally completed and uploaded to


On various occasions, there have been some creative liberties. Some characters who did not get localized games in the fifth game (The Legendary Starfy) have gained made up names in the translation, such as the renaming of ヒラオ (Hirao) to Halo.

There are three different patches to address this:

The Legendary Starfy - This is the main translation of the game. It comes with the officially localized names and fan-made names for the characters (I.E. Moe the Clam (official), Antibuddy Five (Fan-Made)).

Starfy Origins - This is the same as the first patch but with one exception. The game’s logo is changed to a often suggested fan-name for the game due to the 5th game in the series receiving the aforementioned name when localized. It was claimed that this could help ease confusion between Starfy 1 (GBA) and Starfy 5 (DS) for newcomers to the franchise. Plus, It would also serve as a fun “what if” situation as if Nintendo decided to bring Starfy 1 to the US, possibly with a different name similar to how they handled MOTHER 1’s official release in 2015.

Densetsu no Stafy ENG - This is an alternative version of the translation where all characters and settings keep their Japanese original names (I.E. Moe = Kyorosuke, Antibuddy Five = The Zendema Five).

Other credits in the Read Me[3] include:

EvieMelodylvsoulmate4ever - Main Lead
Pabiltox - Project Manager
Normatt - Programmer
Higsby - Main Translator
TheDJWProductions - Translator
Megahog2015 - Proofreading, Graphics, Graphics Implementation
Eeveelovertherowdyruff - Graphics
wowjinxy - Graphics
Dario - Graphics
AUselessMage - Minor Translation Assistance, Readme
ValHam - Readme
MixelMania1997 - 'Origins' Subtitle
gothic251 - Proofreader/Editor

Other background projects

MiYaku Gaming have also decided to create their own version of the Starfy 1 translation from scratch (link), with characters' names from the original Japanese names, and different interpretations (e.g. ウォーツァルト ; Ū~ōtsaruto becoming "Waltz" [although waltz this way is typically ワルツ]), and other changes that may be seen as corrections (the previous "Stranded Whale" makes the assumption that "Zashou" was from 坐礁 but 挫傷 "Bruised" may be more correct). It complements the original by improving it in certain ways where it was originally inaccurate or wrong.

This version also interprets マモノ as "demons" rather than monsters (note: in general not related to Starfy, there are different interpretations of マモノ, which is sometimes also called for example, an "apparition" or a "goblin").

However, this translation has errors as well, so the validity of both translations is mixed. There are various incorrect parts, such as the single character Boctopus being erroneously referred to as "I and Pass", given "boku to pasu" (actually Boctopus) appearing in the text.[4]

The translation may be seen as too literal (to be understood) or not coherent in English,[5], and is occasionally incorrect as well for example Undersea Temple should be from 海底 (kaitei), and is not from 回転 (kaiten); "resolving" because it cannot be conjugated as kaitei.

The original and MiYaku Gaming versions are mainly independently from each other, with the exception of working from Normmatt's base.

Starfy Wiki

Currently, Starfy Wiki has used a mixture of fan naming (from both Starfy Translation Team and users on the wiki) and official names. The new policy since the 23 September 2023 release will be discussed on the talk page.

Sometimes there have been exceptions to a direct Hepburn translation as well (which is common in translations). For example, スプリンガー becomes Springer, rather than Supuringā). There has also been a complication because it was discovered ヒラリン (Hirarin) was officially translated as Hillaryn in an English prototype (from TOSE/Nintendo).

Fan translation of Densetsu no Starfy 2

In 2010, Autumchild uploaded gameplay videos of Densetsu no Starfy 2 covering what some of the text means. She also used annotations in a few episodes to directly translate text so that the viewers could read along. The parts she directly translated can be found below.


Naratior: There is a big land up in the sky, above the ocean, called Pufftop. Going back about a year... The clumsy Prince, Starfy was doing some cleaning in the castle... During that time, Ogura was resurrected when the jar he was sealed in fell into the ocean. Ogura then wreaked havoc on Pufftop by causing a huge storm... Starfy stopped Ogura's plans several times until he was sealed away once again... Peace returned to Pufftop and everyone lives returned to normal... As everything though, the peace never lasts long, the world will be threatened again... Not even Starfy and I knew what would happen... Ogura had been sealed away... Now that I think about it better, for a long time…

Ogura: Unnn... It's so empty... Ghaa! Dang it! I really hate that brat Starfy! How one person could seal my power... ...hmmm... Umm... Oh?! My children? Souda, konotega, attaka... Ghahahaha! Hoji... Hoji... Hoji... Yes! Haha, you get to see the Puchi Ogura group. You will again feel the despair in the world. Let's go! Break this seal! Create a storm that will draw me out of this place!

Ogura Group: Roger!

Ogura: Ghahaha! And now, I will see outside again! Starfy! Before long, I will take what matters to you the most. Yes! I will gratify this land and leave with the person you hold dear! Mortified as you are, I know you will truly come for her by any means possible. Ghahaha!

Moe: You idiot! What do you think your doing? Hey! It's too dangerous! Pufftop's in the sky, if you go after him we'll return the ocean! Come on! Hey! Don't be reckless! We'll both probably fall! Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Ouch… Owowow... You idiot! Both of us ended up falling from the sky! Ah! Already! Crying! Crying! How depressing... Look, I'm sorry. *sigh* How on earth can your crying be troublesome! Now what, and how do we get back to your pretty home... Hmm... So, for the moment, Lobber's close by! You're lucky the old man really like you kid!

Old Man Lobber: Ooh! It's nice to see you again! You are... The yellow Prince of Pufftop, all the way down here.

Moe: Oh! Then hold on! Well, immediately, smart one thought, "I'll go after them."

Old Man Lobber: Now, now. No need to bubble away! Now Starfy, this doesn't seem like you. Now, it seems that scoundrel's have been falling from the sky easily then…

Moe: What! Hey! Starfy! "I'm gonna take action, even if it means everything" Forget it, we're not doing that! You idiot! What were you thinking!

Old Man Lobber: Now, now... let's just calm down... Right now, we have to find the special jar, the Kanban...

[The rest of this dialog was left untranslated.]

[Area 1-1]

Old Man Lobber: Okay, alright. You've figured out the action button... Ahead of me is a treasure chest... Inside it is a "collectable" from a person in Pufftop. Now, Starfy, I saw your mother get carried away by Ogura... As they flew by, I saw things fly through the sky, then they left in a blur…

Ogura: Gahaha! Farwell! Starfy! More and more, we get farther away from that awful place! Gahaha!

Mama Star: S... Starfy... Help me... I... I need you! Take these... Please grab these "collectables" made especially for you! Starfy! Please... This is Mama saying she believes in you…

Old Man Lobber: Your mother left that especially for you. Those "collectibles" should come in handy... Now make sure not to let your mother down! To see what you got "look on the 'collectables' screen in the pause menu." You can also use the "pause menu" on the "stage map" to view your "collectables" as well. I know you can do it! I will wish you the best of luck…

[The rest of this dialog was left untranslated.]

[Area 2-1]

Ruby: Ah, Starfy, nice to see you…

Moe: Ruby ~swoon~ It's nice to see you again! You know it's Moe.

Ruby: T... Thank you...

Moe: Eh? What happened to your house Ruby-san? Noo! All your wonderful things!

Ruby: Thank you... but right... you see…

Moe: Wh, why are you? you seem sad! What? It worries me?

Ruby: You see... The other day... Kyaa! Kyaa!!!!!!

Puchi Ogura #2: Papa will be proud of the ruin and despair! Oraoraa!!!

Ruby: Kyaa!!!!!!! Aaa!!! My items are drifting away...

Puchi Ogura #2: Kyahahahahahahahahaha…

[The rest of this dialog was left untranslated.]

First video of the Densetsu no Starfy 2 playthrough

"Starfy Translation Team" (the same team behind the previously mentioned Densetsu no Starfy (1) ROM hack) has also begun work on Densetsu no Starfy 2, but at the moment finishing work on the first game is priority).

Fan translation of Densetsu no Starfy 3

In 2012, Autumchild uploaded gameplay videos of Densetsu no Starfy 3 covering what some of the text means. Unlike her previous set of gameplay videos, no text here was directly translated.

First video of the Densetsu no Starfy 3 playthrough

Fan translation of Densetsu no Starfy 4

Autmunchild's fan translation work on Densetsu no Starfy 4 differs from her previous videos by adding translation of the game's text on to the screen

On January 6, 2018 Autumchild began a series for a playthrough fan translating Densetsu no Starfy 4. Unlike her previous fan translation attempt for Densetsu no Starfy 2, these videos do not show the text as merely annotations on the screen. Rather, it are edited straight into the videos themselves.

First video of the Densetsu no Starfy 4 playthrough

Fan translation of Densetsu no Stafy: Taiketsu! Daīru Kaizokudan

While it is not known whether there were any fan translation attempts for the fifth game before its official localization into The Legendary Starfy, as expected the game was covered by fans overseas. The game's title was translated by some as "Legend of Stafy"/"Legendary Stafy: Confrontation! Dire Kaizokudan". Like the translation of "Densetsu no Stafy", the romanization of ダイール (Daīru) is debatable, as it refers not to the word "dire" but the main antagonist (officially known as in the English versions as Mashtooth).


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